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The Jeven UV-Control unit monitors and controls UV-TurboSwing filters. Continuous monitoring of operating time and UV light sources ensures functionality of the UV purification process.


Wire mech filters

Jeven wire mesh filter housings JFA and JFV are designed to suit simple kitchens. Grease separation takes place by passing air through a knitted aluminium wire filter medium. The filter housings are available for wall-mounting, JFA, or for mounting centrally in the hood, JFV. JFA is available in three sizes with one to three filter cells in each. JFV is also available in three sizes with two to six filter cells in each.


Dishwasher hoods

Jeven Dishwasher Hoods are designed to remove damp air and heat from dishwashers in dishwasher rooms. Dishwasher Hoods are available with sealing collars and grilles or with JPT condensate separators. The JPT condensate separator has been developed for hoods over dishwashers where there is a lot of water vapour.

Ansulex fire extinguishing systems have been specially developed for restaurant kitchens. The extinguisher liquid reacts with the hot grease, cools it down and effectively prevents re-ignition. Ansulex extinguisher systems are available for all Jeven hoods.



Sava acts as both silencer and damper located in supply air and exhaust air ducts. Sava is a perfect silencer that can be mounted at a cleaning hatch whist at the same time controlling the amount of air in the duct Sava is sold through ventilation wholesalers in Sweden. Contact to find a distributor.  



Inno is a damper for mounting in circular ducts. The pressure drop is adjusted by varying the number of plugs in the damper. The damper is made of elastic plastic foam and delivers both low noise output and high sound attenuation. Inno is therefore used both as dampers and silencers. Inno is sold through ventilation wholesalers in Sweden.

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SnowShield is intended for protection of inlet ducts so that snow or water does not enter the building. Thanks to the profile and chamber construction, snow and water are effectively separated from the air stream. SnowShield's main material component is aluminium, which means that the construction does not freeze. Air is also allowed in through the sides and bottom of the snow shield. The roof section slopes outwards. The lower part is made of perforated aluminium. The size of the SnowShield must be at least 600 mm higher and wider than the inlet duct in the wall. SnowShield’s water separation rate is greater than 99% with a surface velocity 0.6 m/sec (VTT's measurement report 5.5.2003).


JCE Cyclone Filter

JCE is a cyclone filter designed to separate grease from cooking areas in professional kitchens. The separation process is effected by sucking polluted air into a circular tube where a vortex is formed. Grease particles are thrown out towards the cylinder jacket and the purified air is extracted into the exhaust air duct. Thanks to its design, the filter is flame resistant. Since the airways in the filter are constantly free, the pressure drop is kept constant in a cyclone filter. The filter cells are easy to remove from the filter housing and can be washed in a regular dishwasher. The filter housing JCE is connected to has a circular connection to the exhaust air duct and is equipped with balancing damper and measuring socket. Cyclone filters are recommended in kitchens with a small load where the airflow is kept constant during cooking.  


Cyclone Hoods

Jeven Cyclone Hoods are equipped with cyclone filters suitable for kitchens with lower purification requirements. A cyclone filter separates grease by sucking air into a circular chamber where it produces a vortex. Grease and other contaminants are thrown out to the periphery and the purified air flows up to the exhaust flue. Maintenance is very simple as the filter cells can be easily removed from their housing and cleaned in a dishwasher.


Condensation Hoods

The Jeven Condensation Hood is a hood that has been specially developed for handling condensed water in processes where there is an excessive build-up of water vapour. It is especially suitable over cooking pots where the raked ceiling of the hood prevents the droplets that form from landing in the cooking. The condensed water is led through the roof into a gutter where it collects. For kitchens with heavy loads, it may be necessary to install a drain for the condensation in the gutter and thus avoid overflowing.    


Turbo hoods

Jeven TurboHoods are equipped with the efficient TurboSwing® grease filter. TurboSwing® works by passing air through a rotating, perforated sheet where the grease particles are mechanically separated.  TurboSwing®, thanks to its high separation rate, is very suitable in systems with heat exchangers. Thanks to the fact that separation is independent of the rate of flow, this filter works well in systems with customised air extraction. (VAV)


UV-Turbo hoods

Modern technology for demanding grease reduction in professional kitchens. UV-TurboHoods are equipped with TurboSwing filters which use ozone-free UV light. Purification using UV light reduces small particles by means of catalysis. Combined with TurboSwing filters, this purification method yields high separation rates for both small and large grease particles and is especially suitable for variable flows as the separation process is completely constant irrespective of flow.