UV-Turbo is an innovative, safe and economic solution for demanding grease filtration in professional kitchens. UV-Turbo consists of an effective mechanical TurboSwing® grease filter and ozone-free UV light.


Titanium oxide is a safe, environmentally friendly catalyst. It has no health hazards.

Environmentally friendly

The most efficient filtration in the market thanks to ozone-free UV light.

For variable air flows

Separation rate remains the same even when air flows are reduced.

Low energy demand

TurboSwing® grease filter 10 W/-200 l/s
UV-Turbo grease filter 35 W/-200 l/s

Free choice of heat recovery ventilation (HRV)

Very well suited for energy saving applications with heat recovery from the kitchen.

Affordable maintenance

Clean air ducts reduce the need for sweeping, and parts can be washed in a commercial dishwasher.

The operating principle of the UV-Turbo

Best of both worlds. Ozone free UV light purification combined with mechanical grease removal.

Mechanical filtration
TurboSwing®, based on rotary motion, mechanically separates grease particles – even as small as 2 µm.

Effective UV light
Thanks to ozone-free UV light and catalyst, the UV-Turbo grease filter also effectively removes small particles and gaseous grease. UV-Turbo significantly reduces cooking smells.